IELTS Simplified

We aim to clear all the questions coming to your mind regarding the IELTS exam. Watch our video BLOG on IELTS exam here.

IELTS In-Depth training video

For a detailed understanding into each module with formats and challenges of the IELTS exam, watch our video blog here.

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Are you timing your IELTS exam right?

Many of my students always miss the perfect timing for the IELTS exams.

All about Computer based Test of Ielts

Since the Computer-based tests for IELTS have come into the picture, we have many aspirants asking about what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking the same. Read for all the details.

All types of Reading Questions for IELTS

One of the most intriguing sections of the exam, the Reading question section is all about concentration and time management. It is a tricky one as you have a lot to do in a span of 60 minutes that are available at hand. Read for all the details.

Myths busted for IELTS exam, Clear your approach.

There are heaps of blogs, a number of youtube videos, lots of information available on the Internet today on IELTS. You don’t understand what is real anymore. So here we are to bust the myths related to various sections of IELTS. Read for all the details.​

08 Points to Improve IELTS Listening Score

Improving one’s Listening skills surely requires time, patience, and practice. Even for scoring big in the IELTS Listening exam, there is no trick or hack that can work like magic but the following steps or ways will definitely help you to score, Read for all details.

Last minute tips for IELTS

Last minute tips for IELTS

We have come across many students who on the day of the exam or a day prior ask for some last minute tips for IELTS. So here we are with the tips

IELTS Band Scores

IELTS Band Scores : An understanding

The understanding of IELTS band scores helps to analyse the areas that need improvement before starting the preparation for the exam. Find out the analysis in this blog.

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Best way to improve IELTS Scores: Reading

We often come across this question of how to improve IELTS scores. Find the novels to enhance your language skills in order to improve them.