Are you timing your IELTS exam right?

Many of my students always miss the perfect timing for the IELTS exams.

Yes, and I am not talking about missing the timing on completing their Reading or Writing sections.

My reference to ‘time’ here is to the time you select to appear for the exam.

I have students who are in a rush. They want to finish the preparation in 10 days and appear for the exam.

Apart from this, I also have students who want to give some extra practice to perfect their skills and wait for around 2-3 months to select a date.

Though the time you need to prepare for the exam, purely depends on your English language skills. Also, it depends highly on the mindset you have, while starting your preparation.

I suggest, have a complete picture in front of you from your visa consultant or the university you are going to apply for. The band requirement, timelines, etc.

Next, set your schedule in such a way that you can give good 1-2 hours for your exam preparation.

Continuity and Practice are the only keys to successful preparation for the exam. Believe me, the rest all falls in place.

If you have taken a guided course, complete it. If practicing on your own, after completing all the four sections attempt at least 5-7 mock tests from various resources available online.

Get it evaluated and once you feel that you are good enough, without wasting time, attempt for the exam.

Yes, after 5-7 mocks if you are getting your scores, jump in, and book the date.

Hurrying in can affect your scores and delaying it can get you into the habit of what I call “The error of the Obvious”  where you start missing the minute details.

So in my view, complete your preparations. Test yourself with proven evaluation methods and appear for the exam.

Wishing you an enlightening preparation journey for the exam.

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