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Since the Computer-based tests for IELTS have come into the picture, we have many aspirants asking about what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking the same. Read for all the details.

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There are heaps of blogs, a number of youtube videos, lots of information available on the Internet today on IELTS. So we bust the myths related to various sections of IELTS here.

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“ I took the 30HRS applied program and was able to improve on my skills in the next month , happy to acheive my desired band score and move ahead with my journey. ”


IELTS Snapshot

This certification is required by the candidates who are looking forward to study or work in a native English speaking country like UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

The test majorly checks the ability of an individual on four main parameters of English language skills that is Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

The IELTS academic scorecard is accepted by all the universities in the UK and Australia. Apart from this it is also accepted across 140 countries in the world.